Mary and Drew are my all-time favorite couple in this world.

They broke up after 10 years of marriage, but they are

meant for each other.

Mary became my best friend, my sort of soulmate,

and the one I turned to when everything went black and dark around me.

We lived in New York, met in the EQ-Room

at Milk Studios, started the internship at the same time while she

was the coolest french girl of all time, and I the nerdy german chick.


We fell for each other right away and she let me in her life.

In Drew and her life. The musician, the best guitar player

I have ever met in person with a knowledge of music I’m

still blown away from. Both taught me, my now taste of

music and they are the reason for some of my courses in life.


We spent the summer in the Catskills when I took

these images. The three of us rented a house and friends

came along whenever they had days off. There was a lot of

nudity and freedom while spending the days outside at the

river behind the house. I think it was my best summer out of

the 6 years I was living in New York. Thank you, Drew, and

Mary for showing me another side of life I had the pleasure to enter.